How to add your affiliate links on Quora

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

This is the most repetitive question I have been seeing since I started an account on Quora. From this, I noticed that most of the affiliates don’t know how to use Quora’s entire platform as a friendly medium to run their affiliate marketing business successfully.

Do you know Quora is the most powerful platform to give value for people queries all around the world? Well, certain amount of people have questions and doubts regarding various subjects. Quora will filter out the exact questions and display it on your notification bar according to the relevant topic you chose at the time you created an account.

how Quora notification looks like

Let’s come to our topic, are you curious about how you can add your affiliate links on Quora? Then I have two answers; one is, you can add, and the other one is you can’t add. Don’t get mess up. We can discuss both these prospective through the following paragraphs.

Is Quora allow You to Post Affiliate Links?

I can simply say that Quora will never allow you to post affiliate links on Quora’s platform until you realize Quora’s violation policy. Quora moderation is there to detect any kind of affiliate links and report your post as a spammy one right away once you tried to post an affiliate link on Quora.

Quora policy violation

Remember that Quora is a social platform and so many people are there using Quora including students to get rectified their doubts and queries. In order to keep Quora a safe medium, they should have to stipulate some rules and regulations.

If you try to violate Quora’s rules the rest will be get banned your account temporarily and then permanently.

Quora moderation

That’s why I mentioned you can’t add your affiliate links on Quora.

Although, not only Quora do this kind of restriction, but also almost every social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to keep their platform safe.

Then How You Can Add Your Affiliate Links on Quora?

Well, As every social media platform does, Quora also gives you a chance to post your affiliate links on their medium. But you need to know some essential tactics before you do so.

It’s simple, and almost every entrepreneur do this to run more traffic to their affiliate links for free.

Let’s see how many people are searching “Quora” and using it for various purposes.

Search volume of Quora per month

Over 300K people are using the keyword “Quora” per month. So, a tremendous amount of people are engaging on Quora every month and it’s better for you to run free traffic from Quora to your affiliate link.

As I mentioned before, it is impossible to post your affiliate links directly to your answers. Instead of that, you can add your affiliate links with the help of a bridge page (landing page). Quora allows you to do so.

Look at the steps that can help you to create a landing page

Step #1 - Create a simple Landing Page

A landing page is a welcome page for people who are interested in a particular thing that you offer. You can also grow your email list by integrating this with email marketing software.

It’s an essential element to create a stunning landing page if you want to run your affiliate marketing business on Quora.

Yes, after you made your awesome landing page, Go and past the link of your landing page on Quora to get more and more free traffic to your affiliate link.

Copy the address of your landing page and add it to your Quora answers naturally. Not try to add frequently.

Step #2

Select the keywords that you want to add your link. And click the link icon, which situated top right and in between the image icon and three dots to add a link.

add a link to quora

Step #3

Paste the link and click on the Add button. Well, you successfully added your affiliate link to Quora with the help of a landing page.

affiliate link added to quora