Blog vs Vlog: Which is Best for You to Get Started

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

blog vs vlog: which is best for you to get started - buildflyer
Blog vs Vlog

Are you serious about starting an online-based blog or vlog? And ready to become the next viral star? Then here is the perfect guide for you to choose the right one according to your preferences and background.

Though both blog and vlog have lots of competition, it is easier to get started and scale gradually.

Let’s dig into cross-checking of blog and vlog to arrive at your final decision.

Table of Content

What is a Blog?

What is a Vlog?

Which is Easy to Handle? (Ease of Usage)

How to Get Started with Blog?

How to Get Started with Vlog?

Essential Tools to Get Started a Blog or Vlog

  1. A Device (Desktop)

  2. A Valid Domain (Website)

  3. Keyword Finder

  4. Relevant Traffic Sources

  1. A Device (Desktop/Mobile)

  2. Camera/Screen Recorder

  3. Microphone (Quality Audio)

  4. Editor

Which Produce Faster Result? (Blog vs Vlog)

Estimate Earnings (Blog vs Vlog)

Advice for Beginners

Final Thoughts

What is a Blog?

A blog is simply defined as, it is a written online content of a website that contains informative guides, links, videos, and images.

Anybody can get access to the public blog contents by having the link or through search engine result pages (SERPs).

Moreover, the ultimate aim of posting blog content is to drive more organic traffic to the concerned website.

What is a Vlog?

A video log or vlog is a short video content based on a particular topic that contains visual elements such as images, supporting texts, and metadata in an embedded format with audio playback.

The main purpose of creating a vlog content is, educate people in an entertained way by publishing short videos regularly on social media.

Which is Easy to Handle? (Ease of Usage)

We often double think about a matter before going to explore it in in-depth detail. Should learn all the aspects and features to do it more easily.

Similarly, both blogging and vlogging have their own risks and competition. The way you choose to kick off those obstacles can define your entity.

Although, the ease of handling a blog or vlog depends on your dedicated mentality to take every aspect in a passionate way.

Blog: A blog profession will be the most adaptable method for you in case you wish to share quality written content with the world. Compared to vlogging, a blogger does not require to aware of much technical aspects related to video shooting, post-production, editing, etc.

A blogger only requires the ability to explain informative content in a written format.

Risk Factors: Though blogging is easy to get started, as a writer, you need to be bothered about the updates. With the addition of each year, a blogger should need to change the headline, body paragraphs that contain a specified year mentioning in his blog page. This is often hard when considering a huge number of blog pages to be updated.

Some of the other risk factors;

  • Page speed (yes speed matters)

  • Domain renewal (Each year, there is a domain renewal price. That deduct from you)

  • Optimization (Keyword optimization)

  • Infographics (Explain things in the form of a chart, table, pie chart, etc)

  • Ranking (Hard to outrank high DA websites)

  • Bounce rate (Visitors leave your blog page right after they visit)

  • The result is time-consuming (weeks sometimes months to get higher ranking positions)

These are a few risk factors that you may or may not encounter if you choose to blog. Let’s take a look at how easily you can lead vlogging.

Vlog: Vlogging becomes easier for people who don’t have shy to appear in front of the camera with an extrovert mentality in delivering quality video content. YouTube is the most favorite social media platform of vloggers. 95% of them are engaging on YouTube with their stunning content.

Compared to blogging, as a vlogger, you don’t need to have any writing skills or not need to update your content yearly basis. Just shoot a video, edit it, upload it and monetize your content to generate income from each view you get.

Risk Factors: Attracting more people to watch your video content and getting more shares and engagement is harder when considering as a beginner. Moreover, to deliver high-quality video content, you need to have quality equipment such as a 4K camera, Gimbel, and editing skills to make the video more professional.

Other risk factors;