Canva Affiliate Program: an Opportunity to Earn Infinite $36 from Canva

Updated: Jan 23

canva affiliate program review

When considering the marketing of anything either by online or offline, it is unthinkable without having a catchy design or illustration of what you're intending to promote.

Online designing tools are inevitable at this appealing stage and are available in various names and features. Here we introduce a tool called Canva and its affiliate program review in detail. So, this is the right chance for you to learn how you can earn money from Canva by simply showing off its stunning features to the right needful people.

This in-depth review contains the A to Z parts of the Canva affiliate program such as how to join, how to promote, the payment scale, and many more. Keep your eye on it.

What is Canva?

Canva is one of the free online graphic designing tools trusted by 18 million people from all around the world, which provides thousands of pre-created social media graphic designs, posters, infographics, and many other designing templates in different aspect ratios.

Thankfully, as every other online tool provide a chance to affiliates to promote their products and give a decent affiliate commission for each referral, Canva also has an affiliate sign-up page. This can help affiliate marketers to refer Canva for real graphic design aspirants.

Is Canva has an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is a strategic approach of a company to disseminate their brand or product among the right people at the right time. When affiliate marketers take care of the marketing duty it would be worthier and more effective to the firm.

The main reason behind this is, affiliate marketers have an extra targeted and high authoritative mailing list that really helps them to promote a specific product amid the right interested people.

Of course, Canva has an affiliate program that opens a vivid range of opportunities for affiliates to make money online by just referring different packages of Canva such as Canva Pro, Enterprise, and Canva for students to the needful people.

How to Join with Canva Affiliate Program

Primarily, the Canva affiliate program has three distinct stages to get approved your application. Anybody can join and promote after getting the approval. It usually takes a few days to get approved your affiliate request.

Here are the three phases.

1. The first step includes, registering as an affiliate and getting back your approval to the dashboard to copy your unique link which specifies your Canva identity.

First, you need to head over to the affiliate page.

first step to canva affiliate program - sign up to the canva affiliate page

Click on the "JOIN NOW" button and it will take you to the page mentioned below.

the second step to canva affiliate program

Here, you need to provide all the necessary data including the endorsement of the agreement. The whole process will be handled by a third-party tool known as

2. In the second stage, you are now able to get access to the dashboard and track all the real-time data. Even a single click through your link would be monitored and depicted on your dashboard.

canva affiliate dashboard, where affiliates can track all the data

You can also track the clicks, conversion rate, and sales fluctuations. See the image above.

3. You all set. After referring people to Canva pro, you may get $36 for each and every sign-up by using your unique link. The payment would be instant and flexible.

So, why are you waiting? Sign up right now, completely for free, and start promoting Canva to earn limitless money as long as you wish.

Note that you can sign up as a Canva affiliate by just pinching them at

Best Ways to Promote Canva

There are no upper or lower limits in the case of earning money from Canva. The more you refer people to this stunning platform the more you can earn money.

For each referral, you will be compensated with a stipulated commission rate ($36). Here are a few killing ways that anybody can adapt to promote Canva and earn a decent commission without spending a single penny at the front end (free promotional methods).

1. Social Media Networks

We have plenty of networks, which allow users to create their own identity and get in touch with the whole world by the means of a few clicks. Social media networks, especially Facebook groups have a great impact on affiliate marketers, which provides multiple approaching strategies and marketing techniques in the long run.

There are a plethora of other communities out there such as Quora spaces, telegram channels, and many more to get engaged and share new ideas as well as where people seek the right solution for their problems.

So, as an affiliate marketer, you need to reserve some time to scan those people to identify the exact need and provide a solution through your unique link. Here in the case of Canva, you can share your affiliate link and refer people to Canva Pro to earn your commission.