ClickFunnels vs Builderall Which One to Choose for Digital Marketing in 2021 (Complete Guide)

Updated: Feb 21

ClickFunnel vs Builderall Which is the Best Option in 2021?

Digital Marketing has been on a booming trend. An attractive funnel is an inevitable thing when considering digital marketing in this contemporary era. More than 80% of marketers are using funnel building software to take their business to the next level.

Digital Marketing is not only relying upon creating a stunning funnel page and collecting the leads, it also automates the entire process of your business such as email automation, engagement, and sales. Although, this stunning marketing method helps you to build an authority and persist your professional online presence.

Creating a funnel page or even a website is a small portion of Digital Marketing. People are nowadays vividly using ClickFunnel and Builderall to take their business to its esteem level.

Know What is ClickFunnels and Builderall

These are two amazing funnel page or website creating online software which available all over the world. Most of the Digital Marketers are using either one of these software to create an attractive sales funnel to boost conversion rate and followed by the sales.

What is ClickFunnel?


It is a Digital Marketing platform that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and publish their mesmerizing funnel pages or websites in a few simple clicks. It founded in October 2014 by Russell Brunson. ClickFunnels is one of the fastest growing online marketing platform which has over $100 Million annual sales and more than 100,000+ currently paying customers.

What is Builderall?


Builderall is almost like ClickFunnels. Which founded two years earlier (2011) than ClickFunnels founded, with the goal of generating real and legitimate online results for companies all over the world. Erick Salgado, a Brazilian entrepreneur executed this stunning marketing platform to help both the companies and entrepreneurs to grow their online business.

Today Builderall has more than 50,000,00 leads which they have collected, along with 250,000 happy users.

Compare ClickFunnels with Builderall side-by-side

It is a better and simplest way to compare these two platforms with the help of a table.

Deep Comparison Between ClickFunnels and Builderall

Both of these online software are unbeatable, each of them has its own features and importance. We analyze them in a deeper way to arrive at a final decision that, which one is best for you and for your stunning business model.

Main features

1. Pre-Created Customizable Stunning Templates (ClickFunnels vs Builderall)

Both ClickFunnels and Builderall provide plenty of pre-created templates to their users to create their stunning funnel pages with a few simple clicks such as changing the images, adding their own links, text, etc…


Yes, ClickFunnel has a plethora of astonishing pre-created funnel templates which are free to use (limited), created by professional designer. These templates are highly converting and result-driven. Because the designers split test their final outcome (funnels) to ensure which funnel is working better and deliver the best result for the ClickFunnel users.

A template will help you to;

  • Set up an opt-in page

  • Lead generation

  • Launching of a product

  • Run webinars

  • Call to take actions

However, the ClickFunnels templates are limited. You need to seek premium templates if you need a highly converting funnel page. It’s not a risky business to create a normal opt-in page.


Builderall templates not only rely on funnel builder like ClickFunnels. It also helps you to create your stunning website, online stores, landing pages, and sales funnels. All templates are free to use and free to edit.

You can also start designing your website from scratch. This practice can develop your ideas and perceptions in a greater way.

The template dashboard of Builderall will guide you through a categorized way. So, you can choose the correct templates according to the niche that you specified.

Take a look at the dashboard of Builderall below.

2. Drag and Drop Editor (ClickFunnels vs Builderall)

It’s a simplest method to add and edit the funnel or website elements according to your wish. Wherever you want to add pictures, text, videos, buttons, and links you can simply drag the corresponding elements and edit yourself without having any coding skills.

Almost every platform provides this feature for their users. Because it’s easier than coding. Coding is deeper and more sophisticated one.

Both ClickFunnels and Builderall provide this feature for their users to customize the funnel or web page according to the user’s imagination.


You can easily drag the elements to the page and freely drop it, adjust the size and dimension with a few clicks in just seconds. Inside the ClickFunnel’s dashboard, you can see so many tools that can help you to create your stunning marketing sales funnel more elegant and attractive.

It will be a little bit harder when you use ClickFunnels for the first time. But consecutively it becomes the most convenient platform for you to set up and publish your sales funnels. So, that’s why ClickFunnels provides you a free trial of 14-days. Even in your trial period, you can use all the elements freely as a paid member uses this software.

Let’s look at below how Builderall’s drag and drop editor advanced from ClickFunnel's basic features.


Builderall also allows you to edit the page freely. But have some varieties. Because Builderall has four distinctive drag and drop editing options.

  • Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect Builder

  • Drag and Drop Responsive Builder

  • Mobile First Drag and Drop Builders

  • App Creator

Nothing more sophisticated, but some advanced editor. The drag and drop pixel perfect builder will help you to create a funnel or web page which optimizable for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices at the same time. And this feature will beneficial for people who looking to optimize their website across all devices. No need to take further actions to optimize on each device.

The drag and drop responsive builder almost similar to the pixel-perfect builder. You can expect much more responsive website pages by using the second editor. Mobile and app creator editor specify on app-related products such as online shopping.

From the discussion above, it is clear that both ClickFunnels and Builderall provide a better drag and drop facility to customize the pre-created or self-created temples according to the user’s designing skills. But Builderall more specific on optimization to make the page compatible with all devices and display the contents appropriately.

How Builderall's drag and drop editor looks like;

3. Email Marketing (ClickFunnels vs Builderall)

Email marketing is, sending a particular message to a specific group of people using email. Email marketing makes almost 75% of sales for entrepreneurs. Due to this booming trend, people vividly following this marketing method. Both ClickFunnels and Builderall provide this feature for their members to sent email campaigns to their targeted audience.

Let’s start with ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnel’s email marketing service is named as Actionetics. The only downside with their email marketing is, you need to be purchased top-tier Etison Suite in order to use the email marketing facility. Which is pretty expensive (the pricing may discussed below).

So, I think, it’s better to seek a third-party email marketing platform that has a free trial, easy to use, cheaper, and better mail delivery rate. You can simply integrate your funnel page or opt-in page with those third-party email marketing platforms with a few clicks.

Note: You can also use ClickFunnel’s own email marketing medium if you have enough capital to spend. This is just a suggestion for beginners. Because it’s hard to spend hundreds of dollars just for email marketing only.


As ClickFunnel’s named Actionetics for their email marketing feature, Builderall also named for their email marketing software, which known as Mailing Boss. Inside the mailing boss, you can access to the all tools such as pre-created email templates, which are free to use, and send unlimited messages to your audience, etc…

The Mailing Boss allows you to create stunning personalized email campaigns and categorize your audience according to their interest. So, through this, you can deliver the correct messages to the exact people at the right moment. For instance, some people interested to receive food-related info whereas, others are concentrated on fitness. Here, you can create a different email list to differentiate those audiences. For future communication, it will be a great help for you to target the right audience without much efforts.

Mailing Boss also helps you to track each action of your followers through the analytical reports that provided by the tracking data. All your email marketing and its automation are covered even in your basic plan. (Pricing will be discussed below)

So, it’s clear that Builderall provide you the best solution for email marketing at an affordable rate. You don’t need to upgrade your plan or seek for a third-party application.

4. Pricing (ClickFunnels vs Builderall)

Undoubtedly, the pricing structure varies from one platform to another. Similarly, in the case of ClickFunnels and Builderall, here we can see dramatic changes in their pricing.

As an overview, ClickFunnels is pretty expensive when compared with Builderall. Yes, of course, ClickFunnel has some extra features and advantages. But we saw that almost every feature can provide by Builderall even in their basic plan.

Let’s scrutinize the pricing structure.


ClickFunnel has two different plans.

1. Basic Plan (Start-up) – $97/month

Access granted to all templates inside ClickFunnels. You can create or edit up to 20 funnels with this plan. You’re also permitted to add up to 100 sub-pages to the funnel pages that you create. If you have your partner with you, you can also add 1 partner to the dashboard.

The basic plan allows you to connect up to 3 domains to manage your multiple business activities under a single roof. You can add up to 3 different payment gateways to receive your payments. The sad thing is this plan does not come with a follow-up funnel, which means, you can’t chase the visitors once they left your funnel page without taking any action.

2. ClickFunnels Platinum - $297/month

The platinum membership provides you some extra features from the basic plan. Because you’re paying $200 in extra.

From the basic plan, you can only create a limited number of funnels and sub-funnel pages. But by using the platinum plan, you will get unlimited access to create both funnel and sub-funnel pages. Moreover, you can add 9 domains and 9 payment gateways with this plan.

With the platinum plan, you can add multiple partners (3) to the dashboard. And all are eligible to attain more advanced training from ClickFunnel officials.

3. TwoCommaClubX - $2497/month

This is the most exclusive and expensive plan from ClickFunnels. So, if you need to get the access to this plan, you need to get special permission from the officials. Because the TwoCommaClubX comes with the most advanced features.

You will get extra privilege by get into ClickFunnels through this membership.

Look at ClickFunnels pricing details below.

Sounds like ClickFunnel is pretty expensive? Wait… we have to analyze Builderall’s pricing structure too before move to the final verdict.


Compared to ClickFunnel, Builderall comes with an affordable pricing range. This pricing can affordable even for a beginner.

Let’s see what Builderall provides for their paid users in each plan.

1. Builder Plan - $29.90/month

This plan comes with the basic things such as drag and drop website builder, email marketing automation and 5-GB of disk storage, etc. The builder plan will be most suitable for the beginners. Because they don’t have enough audience and they need to create it later.

Although, the beginners can continue this plan as long as they achieve 2000 subscribers. After that they may need to upgrade the plan to the next level.

2. Premium Plan – $69.90/month

In the premium plan, you can get the access to all tools. Moreover, you will be approved as basic affiliate. This plan allows you to collect as much as subscribers. There is no restriction or limits for you.

You can create both the website and funnel pages with this premium plan. There are plenty of features waiting for you inside this plan. When compared to the basic plan, this plan has way more to explore.

Recommendation: If you’re a beginner and has enough capital to purchase this plan, then it’s better for you to pick this plan.

3. Funnel Club – $199 – first payment, then $99.90/month

This is the top-tier plan of Builderall. The funnel club will charge you $199 at the first time and then $99.90 in each month.

You can explore all the features of Builderall with this plan. The most stunning benefit of picking up this plan is you will be automatically added to the PRO affiliate. It’s a better idea to earn something from the same platform which you’re using to create your website or create a marketing funnel page.

Which One is Best for You? ClickFunnels or Builderall?

Well, are you still confused to take the right one according to your background? Then I can give you the best remedy.

Choose ClickFunnels

  • Go with ClickFunnels if you’ve enough money to spend each month. Because if you’re a beginner, it’s hard to spend nearly $100 each month.

  • Choose ClickFunnels if you have to create marketing or sales funnels only. Not want to host a website.

  • Pick ClickFunnels if you have already created your community with the help of a third-party email marketing platform.

  • If you’ve attained an advanced level in marketing and sales through funnel pages, then go with this platform.

  • Need to monitor your funnel visitors and take them back to your audience, choose ClickFunnels for the best solution.

  • If you want to host your all domains under a single roof.

Choose Builderall

The above-listed bullet points do not meet your expectation yet? Then seek your needs from the following points. I hope you will get the right solution that you really deserve.

  • If you need to create not only a funnel page and follow-up funnel pages, but a stunning website which related to your niche, then choose Builderall.

  • Need to launch an e-Commerce store? Pre-created e-Commerce templates are there inside the dashboard. You need to put just final touch-up works to make the store more active with little effort.

  • Don’t have the coding skills to set-up your website, then use Builderall’s drag and drop website builder as you did the drag and drop email automation campaigns.

  • Go with Builderall if you need to create both a website and marketing funnel on the same platform.

  • Need more storage space to host your website? Then Builderall can provide you up-to 10-GB Disk storage.

  • There is no limitation on the count of your audience.

Summary and Final Verdict (Who Wins? ClickFunnels or Builderall)

Both the ClickFunnels and Builder are unbeatable. Each of them has its own convenience and features. Both these platforms are offering a free trial period to test the system for a stipulated period. However, there is a winner in every game.

So, considering the affordability and services provided by both platforms, Builderall is the winner. Because Builderall is affordable for everyone and always focusing on overdelivering their services in each plan.

Even at this point, you’re still skeptical about which one is best for you? Then there is non-other than test drive both systems to convince yourself. I swear that you will be able to take the right decision after you complete the trial period with both platforms.

Don’t forget to come back and remark your final decision in the comment box, once you have completed your free trial period. Happy to hear from you...
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