24 Legit Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Though there are plenty of ways to make money online legitimately, it’s often a little bit hard to achieve the result unless you have dedication and hard work.

You may see many live online earning proof videos from YouTube and other social media networks. Remember that these results are a reflection of certain actions and dedications that entrepreneurs took place from years of efforts and determinations.

I’m not telling you that; you can’t make money online. But it requires adequate steps that you need to take forward until you reach the desired point. You may make your first online money from the very first day or it may take years. So, nobody can predict your success and result.

The more you loyally invest your time and energy, the faster you can expect results.

Here we are going to discuss how you can make money online from various branches of online niches. You can try everything for an experimental purpose and go with the most suitable one which you feel most comfortable for you.

Table of Contents

Easy Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Free to Get Started)

  2. Start a Blogging Website

  3. Use Link Shortener (Pay Per 1000 Clicks)

  4. Start a YouTube Channel (Influencer)

  5. Online Coaching (Tutor)

  6. Become a Freelancer

  7. Become a Translator

  8. Email Marketing

  9. Attend Surveys

  10. Review Writer

  11. Review Websites

  12. Google AdSense (Monetize Your Website)

  13. Ecommerce

  14. Drop-shipping

  15. Amazon FBA (Sell with Amazon)

  16. Online Publications (eBooks, Audiobooks)

  17. Sell Your Photos

  18. Sell Digital Products (Software)

  19. Sell Your Designs (Web-Designs, Funnel Pages)

  20. Display Ads (Google Ads)

  21. Solo Ads

  22. Native Ads

  23. Push Ads

  24. Online Trading



Easy Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

Let’s dive into those easy steps that really help you to make money online as a complete beginner.

1. Affiliate Marketing (Free to Get Started)

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest methods to make money online by promoting other people’s products to earn a specific percentage of commission for each sale you make through your affiliate link.

It’s free to get started and even a beginner can do it impeccably without having any previous marketing skills.

Affiliate Marketing will be the best start for beginners. Because this is the only business that does not require a single penny to invest at the frond-end. As an affiliate, you only need to apply to get approved a unique link to promote a product. Once your request got approved, you can start promoting that product and earn commissions.

Most fascinatingly, you can achieve as much as you need without having an earning barrier or limit. The more you work, the more you can earn money from the affiliate marketing business.

So, affiliate marketing is greatly recommended for beginners.

Are you a beginner? And don’t know what is affiliate marketing and how to get started? Here is the right guide for you to the affiliate marketing world and its top 10 benefits that you should familiar with.

2. Start a Blogging Website

Sharing your own thoughts and ideas through a blog post opens new opportunities and causes innovative things to happen with the whole world.

Nowadays, personal blogging websites are on a booming trend. Hundreds of people starting new blog websites to make money online each day. Most of them are beginners and they are seeking better earnings and ways to scale it cleverly.

Though blogging is a little bit harder at the beginning stage, later it will become your best money-making machine. But 90% of the new bloggers give up at the early beginning stage when they can’t make money faster through their blog posts. The rest 10% of people are the real warriors here. Because they put more effort and dedication into their work.

how to make money online by starting a blog - buildflyer

Remember that indexing your blog contents on search engines and the growth of traffic flow to your website may take months or even years. It clearly mentions that patience and consistency are mandatory before you get started on a blog website.