What is Email Automation and How it Works for You?

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

What is email automation and how it works for free - buildflyer
Email Automation

Email Automation is the process to get consistent engagement to your email campaigns without having your presence. In other words, sometimes it is an AI-powered feature of an Email Marketing provider.

Most of the email marketing software provides this email automation feature for their paid members only. But here we can guide you to the free tool that really helps you out if you’re a beginner or seeking for a free email automation tool.

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is one of the stunning features that allow you to run your email sequences in a fully automated way. All you need is, just set the campaign, and the rest will be handled by the AI (Artificial Intelligence) according to your audience's actions and interests.

How Email Automation Work?

Setting up an Email Automation is a simple process. You need to complete the steps below carefully. It just a matter of few minutes. Remember, the outcome that you can expect from this is priceless.

See the step below and follow it accordingly to get started with your free email automation right today.

1. Choose the Right Tool (An Unbeatable Email Automation Tool)

As the primary thing, you need to choose the right platform to do your email automation. Don’t worry, I can guide you to the right tool. It’s free, and you can run up to 3-automation campaigns with your free account.

The tool I offer you is GetResponse. This is an awesome tool and I personally using GetResponse to run almost my every campaign. I primarily use GetResponse to automate my email campaigns, especially to run affiliate offers. It works better.

2. Design Your Email Swipes

Feel free to create your campaign. At this stage, you need to get ready to feed your email swipes into the draft page. Yes, this is an easy trick that will help you out at the final stage. Just follow it.

Watch the video below to know how you can design, create email swipes and save to the draft folder.

Hope you watched and understood every step. Follow the exact process. You can add as much as email swipes you have to your email automation.

We need these email swipes to set up a workflow. Don’t know what is workflow? See below.

3. Create a Workflow (The Right Processing Way)

Now this is time to give our command to the automation tool (the main step - creating workflow)

Watch the video below and follow the steps.

Great. Now you’re good to go and create your own account with GetResponse to launch your very first email automation campaign for free.

4. Connect Workflow with Your Landing Page

The email automation triggers each time when someone takes a particular action on your landing page. It could be email address submission, download an E-book, add to cart, etc… in order to work so, you need to be connected your email automation with the landing page or whatever you intended to connect.

For each landing page, you need to create separate automation campaigns.

Note: To get connected your landing page with the workflow, you need to set up an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a message that triggers at the right moment when someone takes any action on your landing page. You might be witnessed for this when you register or sign up to a website.

Watch the video below to get a visual understanding.

Once you have done it, your job is finished and now you can relax. The rest of the whole process will occur automatically. Yes, set and forget.

Benefits of doing Email Automation

There are a bunch of benefits that you can enjoy with this stunning feature. Here a few of them.

1. Save Time

Are you often messed up with your busy schedules? If so, email automation will be a great relief for you. With this, you can focus on your other task. Only require to spend a few minutes. There is no further attention required once you set up an email automation.

Save your valuable time through email automation.

2. Better Engagement

The primary aim of email automation is, getting more and more engagement without having direct human involvement. Monitoring actions and changing the strategies manually often a headache for e-marketing businesses. So, this no longer be an issue if you start an automated email campaign.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can bring you the best possible result.

3. Maintain Consistency

Keeping consistent contact with your audience can help you to bring better communication with your audience. This also boosts your brand awareness. Understand that the base of a business model is consistency, and you need to be maintained that through this kind of tool. All you need to set it once and just cross-check it whenever you like.

The longer your email automation is active the more you can maintain the consistency impeccably.

4. Boost Revenue

Do you ever think about the influence of an email automation tool on your revenue?

If not, this is the right time to wake up and learn about it. People never going to buy your product or service with a single email. Here you need to keep your punctuality through automated emails. To make it more clear, Once anybody entered into your automation, they will regularly receive emails from your side. This can help you to educate them and willing to buy your products.