Top Ranked 10 Free Website Traffic Sources (Social Media) in 2022

Updated: Jan 9

free website traffic sources (social media)

Getting consistent website traffic to your website can define the entity of your business. The more traffic you can bring to your website the more you can scale your brand. This process is often hard to maintain when considering beginners. Because as a beginner, in front of you, there are two options you have to get free traffic. The first one is SEO and the second one is Marketing your business through social media networks.

SEO means, Search engine optimization. In simple words, you’re just optimizing the contents of your website appropriately to appear in search results that people seek on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…

The most frustrating thing with SEO is, it takes time to reflect the result of your hard work and dedication. It could be 3-months, 6-months, or even more than a year.

So, that’s why we here focusing on social media networks to get as much as possible free website traffic even to a new website. The total usage of social media networks is Billions of people. Then why you neglect that traffic from those networks for free?

Here we start;

1. Pinterest (450 Million Users)

Pinterest is the #1 ranked social media network among these, with a total number of 450 Million active users. Pinterest is an American image-sharing social media platform, which ensures you to publish your website links in the form of images. You can post a clear picture of your content and attach the link along with keyword-optimized captioning to your specific offer or service.

When people see your post, and interested, they will click on your post, and then Pinterest automatically redirects them to the exact destination (to your website/content) that you already put in.

Steps to Create Your First Pin on Pinterest. It's pretty easy.

It is simple as making a coffee. Just head over to Pinterest and sign-up if you don’t have an account or log in if you already created an account.

how to create an account in pinterest

After you created your account successfully, update all the data on your profile for a good-looking profile to convince your audience that you’re running a legitimate business.

Simple click on Create button at the top left corner of your screen and just between the Business and Analytics button. (Refer to the image below)

create an account on pinterest

The next page should like the image below.

Create  a pin to sent quality website traffic instantly

Add a catchy image, title (keyword optimized), about, alt text, and your website link then simply click on Publish button.


Your post has gone to be viral among those 450 Million people. The free traffic to your website has begun to flow dramatically. The most fascinating thing is, you can track all the data like impressions, clicks, engagement that you have got with each post.

2. Reddit (430 Million Users)

Reddit is the #2 ranked social media network among these platforms. It also knows as the front page of the internet. Simply, Reddit is a web content rating and discussion site, which has approx. 430 Million active users. I think Reddit will be a great opportunity to ride a bunch of free quality traffic to your website.

Inside Reddit, you can post your content in your own community or in other communities according to the topic you’re intended to post. For instance, if your content is about Email Marketing, you can simply choose email marketing-related communities to post your content.

Choose the community and read their rules about publishing new content in their community. Move strategically and post your content. Your content will be displayed immediately after the moderation is over. You can interact with the audience through the comment box.

Steps to Publish Your First Post on Reddit

As usual, you need to create an account with Reddit in order to post your content. After that, provide all the necessary data and start to create your very first post.

reddit home page

After you set up your Reddit account, click on create a post link, and feed all the mandatory data carefully.

how to post a content on reddit to ride website traffic

Once you have added a clear, catchy heading and filled the content area, you can choose the community that where you want to post your content. Check everything is okay as the final step, and you obeyed all the community rules. If there is no additional works to do, you can press the post button.