Froggy Ads Review: A Real User Experience

Updated: Jun 13

froggy ads review
Froggy Ads Review

There are plenty of cheap paid traffic sources booming on the internet daily basis. Online marketers and affiliate marketers are the main users of these kinds of traffic sources.

Make sure that, the platform that you are going to choose to run ads such as native ads, push ads, banner ads, and pop-up ads (cheap ad networks) has the legitimacy to run your campaigns. Otherwise, you lose your investment.

Is Froggy Ads a Scam?

I don’t want to flag Froggy Ads as a spammy one. But here I share my experience that I faced when I was running a campaign with Froggy ads push ad campaign. You can flag this a scam one or not after reading this review.

Honestly, my experience with Froggy Ads was worst one. I ran lots of native ad campaigns with many other platforms. But with Froggy Ads, I got the absolute negative experience ever.

My Experience with Froggy Ads

As I mentioned before, my experience with Froggy Ads was the worst one. Because both the traffic and support I got was zero quality. Yes, absolutely zero.

In order to run campaigns, you need to be funded your Froggy Ads account. As usual, I also top up my account with $50 as a trial. Because before I’m running the campaign, I did a deep study about Froggy ads on Google to question their legitimacy and traffic quality. The result was not good. I got some negative feedback from some of the users.

some of the comments about froggy ads service
Some of the User Experience

Even though, I decided to move forward as an experimental purpose. Because we never ever lose any chances to thrive in our online journey (beware).

My final URL in the push ads was one of the pages inside my website. So, I can track each and every visitor’s location, device, and duration of visit time. When the traffic began to flow, I started to track each visitor. And the stats showed by the Froggy Ads dashboard and my website’s dashboard were entirely different.