Getresponse vs Aweber: Which is Best for Beginners in 2021 - (Deep Comparison)

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Getresponse and Aweber are two unbeatable email marketing providing software. The main aim of these two companies is almost the same, which is deliver the best email marketing service regardless of the size of the business.

Picking up the right one among these email marketing providers is a little bit tricky task. However, we will arrive at the final decision in the conclusion to announce which platform is better for you.

Don’t miss any points in this write-up. Because everything is important to take your own stand. Stay tuned until revealing the winner in this deep comparison.

What is Getresponse and Aweber?

Before jump into the deep comparison, I can give you an outline of these two platforms. Because it’s better to start from the base point. Otherwise, you may get confused. So, here we start…


Getresponse is one of the world’s easiest email marketing platform which founded two decades before (1998) by Simon Grabowski. Now Getresponse available in more than 27 different languages. So, they have 350,000 happy users from 183 countries. This summarises that this company works worldwide to deliver the best marketing solution for people who choose Getresponse.


Aweber is a powerfully-simple email marketing platform which focuses on small business and enterprises to scale it and deliver the better communication between the seller and customers. Deliver the best quality even in the free accounts. Actually, Aweber founded in 1998 (the same year Getresponse founded) by Tom Kulzer.

A Common Comparison (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Free Trial? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Yes, both Getresponse and Aweber give you a chance to use their system free for a stipulated period, which is 30-days. This stunning offer can bring you a better experience to use an email marketing platform impeccably. You can understand the necessary things that you want to consider while doing marketing for your business.

Almost every other platform only serves a 14-day trial period. But you can get double with these two platforms.

In short, these are both cost-effective and time-effective options for you.

Can I Continue with a Free Account? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

The free account even after the end of trial period is often impossible. Most of the platforms restrict you to continue using their services.

Let’s see who will give you this opportunity.

Getresponse (No)

Undoubtedly, Getresponse no longer allows you to use their system after the stipulated free period (30-days). The only way to continue using their service is, you need to become a paid member by choosing anyone of their plan. Otherwise, Getresponse blocks all your running campaigns such as sales funnels, landing pages, automation, workflows, etc…

Aweber (Yes)

Here, Aweber surprises you by giving an opportunity to use their services even after the 30-day trial period. As Aweber claims, their focus is not on increasing the revenue, instead of that, they focus on over-delivery of their service to their users to help them grow instantly.

Pricing (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Let’s start with Getresponse’s pricing


Firstly, Getresponse will give you a chance to test drive their entire system for 30-day free trial deal. You don’t need any credit card to avail this offer, you can grab this as soon as you create an account with Getresponse. It’s easier and transparent to use all the features for free.

Take a look at Getresponse’s pricing structure.

Getresponse will give you a 30-day free trial, to use, test, and implement their system. After that, the actual plan begins. You need to choose a specific plan according to your level.

Generally, Getresponse has four different plans. Here they are;

1. Basic plan $15/month

This plan starts with just $15/month and you can continue until you reach 1000 subscribers to your email list. After that, you may need to upgrade your plan. The basic plan contains email marketing, autoresponder, and unlimited landing page creation options.

2. Plus plan $49/month (Recommended plan)

The plus plan comes with all the features of basic plan. Besides, you can create up to 5 automation workflows. Don’t know what is workflow and automation? Well, will discuss it soon. You can also create webinars with up to 100 attendees. Explore more inside.

3. Professional Plan $99/month

As usual, you will be treated with all the features of basic and plus plan in addition to integration facility with your external sources of business entities. With this professional plan, you can add up to 300 attendees to your webinar plus everything is unlimited including web push notifications.

4. Max plan $? (Custom plan)

There is no specific price structure with this plan. According to the user's demand, the pricing will change. If you’ve an advanced platform of business firm, then this will apt for you.

See the table below to get full details about Getresponse pricing 2021.

Tip #1: You can save up to 18% if you choose your plan for 1 year with Getresponse. It will be a great save for you if you have a running store and you want to keep in touch with your customer for a longer time (Consecutive communication with your audience will help you to scale your business instantly).

Tip #2: An unbelievable 30% saving if you choose your plan for 2 years. I think this will be a stunning deal for entrepreneurs to perpetuate their connection with their subscribers. Easily keep in touch with audience through a sequence of emails as long as you wish.


As I mentioned earlier, Aweber focuses on small business firms to encourage them maximum. Aweber comes with an attractive plan. That is nothing but, you can continue as a free member even after your trial period end. But the features are limited. You may encounter lots of restrictions to use the most powerful features like automation. You will be permitted to publish only one automation with an Aweber free account.

However, the free plan will okay for you if you’re a beginner.

Aweber has two plans; Aweber Free and Aweber Pro.

Aweber Free

As the name indicates, you can go with this plan if you’re a beginner and you’re on a tight budget. Aweber will help you to grow gradually with their Aweber free plan. You can continue using this plan until you reach 500 subscribers on your email list.

Try Aweber Free today without any time restrictions.

Aweber Pro

Aweber Pro plan starts with 19/month until you reach 500 subscribers. After that, the plan changes according to the account of your total subscribers.

To get a clearer picture see the table below. (monthly plan)

The price structure shows above is when you choose a monthly plan. You can save 14.9% (approx. 15%) when you choose a yearly plan.

Do you have a list with more than 25,000 subscribers? Then you need to contact Aweber to allow you a custom plan.

Which is the Best Deal? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Though Getresponse has an affordable pricing structure, Aweber can provide a free account even after the trial period. So, considering the priority to encourage users to scale their marketing gradually (Aweber), than focusing on them to convert a paid member quickly after the end of trial period (Getresponse).

Hence, Aweber is the winner in the matter of pricing.

Automation - (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Automation means, using technological applications to reduce human intervention dramatically. Similarly, this feature available in both Getresponse and Aweber. All you need to set up the initial works. The rest will be automated by the software programming.

Yes, of course, you can try this facility even in your trial period. You’re permitted to create up to 5 automation workflows.

In my personal experience, I think Getresponse’s automation is more innovative and sophisticated one when compared to Aweber.


Getresponse claims that they can deliver a better customer experience automatically through their automation facility. This feature more effective for people who running affiliate marketing businesses. Because the nature of triggering of each campaign varies according to the recipient’s interest and behavior. For instance, if someone clicked on a specific link in an automated email campaign, then the next action will be adding him to the next marketing level. So, everything is up to the marketer’s decision.

See how the automation dashboard looks like.

Benefits of Automated Email Campaign with Getresponse

A bunch of benefits are there by using Getresponse’s automation feature. Here they are;

1. Build a strong connection

Getresponse’s automation facility will help you to keep in touch with your targeted audience for a long period of time. The more you get connected, the more you can get engagement with your business.

2. Save time

You need to set up the automation workflow at once. The rest will be handled (automated) by the programming of Getresponse. So, here you can save both your time and energy. Because monitoring people’s actions and understanding their priorities always hard to follow. But the automation algorithm can understand everything and work accordingly.

3. More sales with fewer efforts

By keeping a consistency in connection with your audience will enhance the chances of getting more and more sales through your automation. If someone interested in a specific product, then he will be targeted with that specific offer through the upcoming campaigns.


Aweber also provides the automation feature for their users. But in my personal experience, I think, the options inside the automation are limited. Nothing I could find unique when compared to Getresponse. But in Getresponse, the options are like an ocean. You will be needed assistance to learn everything about Getresponse’s automation (free guidance available inside).

However, Aweber will give you a stunning opportunity to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time through their automation facility.

Benefits of Aweber Automation

Here are some benefits of using Aweber’s automation.

1. Personalized communication

This is the most stunning feature that helps you to keep in touch with your audience through personalized email campaigns. You need to put a dynamic value at the beginning of the subject line.

2. Performance reports

Aweber can provide you an analytical data on the performance of your marketing campaigns. Through this, you can understand the proportion of people’s actions and interests to open your automated email campaigns.

3. Tagging

Assign tagging to add people into the next marketing campaigns according to their actions that they have taken.

Who Wins in Automation Comparison? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Based on my personal experience, I can say. All the automation credits goes to Getresponse. Because each and every single feature inside Getresponse is marvelous, and do a sumptuous job for you.

So, in my opinion, if you have to handle a lot of online marketing works in your daily life, then you definitely choose Getresponse to fully automate your entire campaign according to your convenience. Getresponse will help you to manage everything under a single roof. Then why should you bother about your busy schedule?

You can experience this, once you have head over into Getresponse’s dashboard. A wide range of marketing tools are waiting there, for you.

Landing Pages - (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Generally, landing pages are the main area where you showcase your products and their details with visual elements such as images and videos. Also, your landing page should contain buttons to call your visitors to take action on your landing page. Then the actions what we called conversion.

Both Getresponse and Aweber have plethora of pre-create landing pages to edit it to their users. You can pick the right one according to your niche and edit it with your designing skills.

Let’s look at how the landing pages differ from one provider to another.


See how Getresponse’s landing pages look like. Pause the video if you wish.

As you saw, you have two options to create your very first landing page. Either choose build from scratch to create a landing page according to your creativity or choose any one of the templates by clicking the select template button.

It’s better for you to use the pre-created landing pages and edit them with your product images and links. Because creating a landing page is a time-consuming process. So, you can save both your time and energy at the same time by editing pre-created landing pages of Getresponse.


Like Getresponse, Aweber also provides you free pre-created landing page. But templates with Aweber are limited. When Getresponse gives you 100 landing pages, Aweber will give you 50.

Watch the video below to see it.

As you saw from the above video, the landing page inside Aweber is limited. You can also create it from scratch according to your wish.

See the video below to know how can create your first landing page with Aweber.

Who Wins in Landing Page Comparison? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Anybody can simply guess who will be the winner after watching the video above. Because the first (Getresponse) video itself announces the quality and quantity of landing pages free to use. So, once again I announce that Getresponse is the winner here.

People are from different niches and they need more resources to use for the payment they are doing to scale their product sales through landing pages. Getresponse is actually doing an exemplary work behind their user’s success.

Ecommerce Tools - (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Ecommerce means engaging in the activity of buying and selling products electronically over the internet. To make it more clear, if you want to start an online store of boutique, you need to set up a stunning eCommerce website. After the publishing of your website, you need to get connected with an email marketing tool in order to boost the conversion rate.

So, both Getresponse and Aweber allow you to connect your store with email marketing tools such as Getresponse and Aweber.

Let’s see what Getresponse provides.


Getresponse can provide you a facility to connect your eCommerce store with your Getresponse account. This will help you to scale your eCommerce business dramatically. For a better sales range, simply connect your website with Getresponse’s integration facility. Promote more and get more sales.

Native Ecommerce plugins such as WordPress, PrestaShop, and Magento 1 are popular and available with Getresponse. Do your product inventory cleverly with Getresponse, set automation, and trigger it. When your audience shows their interests, the campaign automatically changes its tune according to your visitor’s actions. This will target the exact people and that leads to getting more and more sales.

The main fascinating thing with Getresponse is, you don’t need to depend on an external source to create a website for your eCommerce store. Inside Getresponse, you can create a library of your products. It could be physical products, online courses, or even webinars.

Simply co-ordinate everything under a single roof. That’s why Getreponse is more popular nowadays


Let’s see what Aweber can bring us for our eCommerce support.

Aweber’s strategy is simple and epic. That is nothing but, create a page, sell your products, and get paid instantly.

I think Aweber is the better opportunity to make your very first dollar into your pocket. Because with Aweber, you can create your page with a few simple clicks and boom… Sit back and watch the analytical reports with a cup of tea or your favorite drink. Track the actions of your audience and change your strategies accordingly for a better blast in sales.

There is no additional fee or monthly subscription fee for using this stunning facility of Aweber. Anybody can start and scale it without bothering much stress.

Aweber also provide you integration facility with a bunch of leading other eCommerce stores across the globe.

Who Wins in this Comparison? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Till now, I’m unable to announce the winner in this sector. Because both Getresponse and Aweber provide us almost the same feature with their Ecommerce tool.

The only solution for a better understanding, I strongly and personally recommend you to test both these providers for 30-days. After testing them, I promise that you can arrive at a final decision, and your confusion will be over.

Analytics and Report (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Analyzing of your marketing status is an inevitable thing. Often need to track those reports to implement changes according to the fluctuations happening amid the market trend. Analytical reports are often in the form of a pie chart or bar graph. Easy to understand and follow.

Both Getresponse and Aweber provide precise analytical report status each time for their users to improve themselves.

Here what Getresponse can contribute;


Getresponse’s analytical data and reports are precise and pretty understandable. Once you have started a new campaign, you can get the details about how many clicks you have got, from where you got and if anybody took an action, you can even track them and convert them to your customers through this awesome feature.

Moreover, analytical reports are the best tool to understand more about your audience and their interests. Through that, you can introduce new products or announce attractive offers to increase the engagement rate. By improved engagement value, you can take your business to the next level.

Although, you can simply track the stats on your mobile devices by installing Getreposnse’s application.

In short, the analytics and reports always show you the better prospects that bring your business to its esteem point.


Like Getreponse, Aweber also provides you the best solution in analytics and reports. After sending a campaign to your targeted audience, you can simply track people’s actions. The reports will depict the open rate, click rate with the exact account. All you need to check your reports continuously. This report can help you to deliver better content to the right audience.

Aweber has an application that available both on Android devices and IOS devices. This application helps you to track the analytical reports. So, you can track the stats regardless of the time and place. Because we are always hanging with our mobile devices eternally.

Who Wins in the Comparison of Analytics and Report Section?

Considering the more scrutinized analytical reports and precise data from Getreponse, here I announce that Getresponse is the winner. Because more visualized (pie charts) and exact data can provide by the tracking feature of Getresponse.

Aweber also provides better data to their users. But in my personal experience, I got more satisfaction while I’m using Getreponse’s analytics. That’s why I strongly recommend this to you.

Stick with the better-quality providers in your vision

How to Choose the Right one? (Getresponse vs Aweber)

Yes, it’s always been a tricky task to pick the right one. However, you can pick either one of these tools to run your marketing successfully.

Choose Getresponse Over Aweber

  • Pricing – Pricing is cheaper when compared to Aweber. Getresponse starts with just $15/month, whereas Aweber starts with $19/month (difference of $4/month).

  • Automation - if you need more powerful automation tool for your marketing campaigns, then go with Getresponse. Each and every single element inside Getresponse’s automation has marvelous value. See it now.

  • Landing pages – If you need to grab 100 of free landing pages, Getresponse is the right choice for you. Because as you seen above, Aweber’s free landing pages are limited. So, Getreponse can provide you a vivid range of landing pages free to use.

  • Webinar – Need to host a webinar for marketing purposes? Then Getresponse can offer you, 100 webinar attendees, with their Plus plan. Which is just $49/month.

  • E-commerce tools – Free, pre-created eCommerce templates as well as plenty of plugins with your external sources of eCommerce solution.

  • Support – Getresponse available in 27 different languages. Anybody can interact in their native language in case they need customer support. But Aweber comes with only one language, that is in English. It will be hard to handle Aweber for people who don’t know the English language or English as second language.

  • Paid Ads – With Getreponse, you can run paid advertisement campaigns directly over social media platforms such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc… (it’s a new feature)

  • Push Notifications – This feature allows you to send push notifications to your visitors. This will encourage people to do visit your products and store.

Choose Aweber Over Getresponse

  • Aweber Free – A free account even after the trial period? Yes, Aweber can provide you free account until you reach 500 subscribers. There is no time restriction for you with Aweber free. Getresponse can’t allow you to run marketing campaigns after the trial period ends.

  • Integration – Aweber brings you a chance to integrate with plenty of third-party platforms.

  • Migration Service – It’s free to migrate from any other email marketing platform to Aweber. If you feel Aweber is the best pick for you, you can simply migrate to Aweber without losing even a single existing data. There is no migration opportunity with Getresponse in their any plan.

  • Segmentation – The dynamic segmentation feature with Aweber can help you to differentiate your audience according to their niches or interests. This will ensure the exact content is received by the exact recipient for a better engagement ratio.

  • Unlimited Team Members – Aweber can provide you unlimited access for other members in case you have multiple members on your onboard to handle your marketing. This is available in all plans. But in Getresponse, you may need an upgrade to Plus Plan.

  • Split Test – Split test is the best practice to understand which campaign is working well. You can do it in many ways under Aweber such as call to action, personalized emails, headline texts, and many more. But with Getresponse it limited in subject lines only.

  • Support – Yes, of course, Aweber is available in the English language only. But you can expect support from any plan. The support team is there to serve you better even if you’re with Aweber free account. Whereas, Getresponse offers phone support in their premium plan only.

An Executive Summary and Final Verdict

To sum up, the overall winner is here Aweber. Despite Getresponse has plenty of powerful marketing features such as automation and paid advertisements it does not come with a free plan after the trial period. Aweber-free is a best choice for beginners. Because when considering the financial status of starters, their budget is limited, not have much to invest in. Here Aweber shows its importance among newbies. Giving as much as possible value for their budding users until they reach at a safe place is immaculate. Aweber offers this for people to market their business from scratch.

As my final verdict, if you’re a beginner and need to market your business for free until you can afford paid plans, go for Aweber. Everything you can grab inside Aweber at a decent price. Otherwise, you can stay with Getresponse, if you really need stunning marketing tools such as fully automated campaigns to save a huge portion of your daily life schedules. Although, you can skyrocket the reach of your business dramatically with Getresponse’s Paid advertisement campaigns. All you need is, right after your free trial period, you should be a paid member of Getreponse to thrive very well with the all marketing tools of Getresponse.

Nothing can achieve without any hard-work. Marketing hard-work behind your business can take your initiation to its next level. Do well and achieve well

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