10 Strategies to Make Money from YouTube and Get Paid

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

how make money from YouTube - buildflyer

An open video-sharing social media like YouTube has a pretty impressive caliber to bring high potential earnings until you are ready to close work with this awesome community.

On average, more than 700,000 hours of video have been uploading to YouTube each day by users from all over the world. It means YouTube is one of the major engaging platforms among the video-sharing category.

This account also indicates a better earning opportunity from YouTube. Of course, we will discuss how a YouTuber makes money online from a YouTube channel, and what are the key steps involved.

Each step discussed in this article has extremely important to lead your YouTube Channel a consistently income generating source.

Let’s dive into the 10-strategies, that help you to learn how to make money from YouTube.

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How to Make Money from YouTube? (10-Strategies)

how make money from YouTube - buildflyer

Most interestingly, YouTube accepts content from its users all over the world to not only share your ideas with the world but also make a good living from it.

Major YouTube channels are making a good amount of money by publishing video content regularly. Remember that consistency is important while hosting a YouTube channel.

There are plenty of open ways to make money from a YouTube channel. It’s up to you to choose the right way according to your level of experience and knowledge.

However, if you think YouTube is the main source of your income, and you need to invest yourself in the world’s largest video-sharing community, the processes involved in are the same.

You’re just 10 steps away from making decent money from your YouTube channel.

Here are them.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

As the primary step, you need to get started with a new YouTube channel if you haven’t one already.

With your YouTube channel, you have the complete freedom to choose the right niche or subject that you intend to deliver through your awesome channel. But remember that, you should have focused on a single niche or a specified topic.

Focusing on the rambling subjects is vague. Because you can’t hold your audience for a long period of time if you deal with many niches. The success of a YouTuber is, keeping your loyal audience by engaging with the right quality content that they expecting from you.

For instance, if you are an expert in SEO, you should be delivered the best content based on SEO topics only. Similarly, if you talk about Marketing, then the rest of all your contents are based on the relevant topic to Marketing. Yes, it’s important to invest your focus on a specific point while you host a YouTube channel.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in your mind and follow before starting a YouTube channel for efficient and smooth running.

1. Name of the YouTube Channel

You might have a bunch of suggestions and predictions for naming your YouTube channel. Sometimes it’s harder to pronounce and remember. Such sorts of names are should be worthless and avoidable. Always try to assign a simple name for your YouTube channel that is rememberable and easily recommendable for someone else.

To cite an example, if you talk Marketing through your YouTube channel, it’s better to name your channel like “Marketing Tips”, rather than naming unknown words like “Aeiko Marketers”. Because it’s hard to reminisce and type in.

So, make sure that you found and assigned a simple name for your YouTube channel that related to your topic keyword. This practice makes easier for the audience to find the right content while they search on the YouTube database.

2. Creative Logo and Banner Image

These are the two catchy fields of your YouTube channel. The banner image should deliver the best impression at the first time a viewer visits your channel. The recommended size of a banner image is 2048X1152 and not more than 6MB in file size.

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