How can Automate an Online Business with a Single Push-Button

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Yes, of course, you can automate your online business with a single push-button. This insane software will bring your online business to its peak. All you need to just turn on a single button to run your business all around the globe or also beneficial to affiliates, who promoting other people's products to earn a commission for each sale you make. As an affiliate, you need to paste your affiliate link inside this system and turn on the push-button to become the sales BOOM.

Yes, this system is that much powerful and the most popular one among online marketers and affiliate marketers. Let's learn more about this system more deeply.

This particular system is named as the 12 Minute Affiliate System. The 12-Minute Affiliate System is a Done-For-You (DFY) Affiliate Marketing system created by internet marketer Devon Brown – and being a done-for-you system, all the hard work is supposedly done by the 12 Minute Affiliate team.

12-Minute Affiliate System is a Done-for-you affiliate marketing platform, which is also claimed as a complete newbie-friendly program. It works for beginners and struggling internet marketers alike. No technical skills or previous experience required to get started your online business with this done-for-you system. To set-up this insane system, it won't take a long time, it only takes as the name indicates 12-minutes. Everything you need is explicit inside the system.

After you own this system even as your trial, they will provide you;

1- A free affiliate account.

2- An Autoresponder to keep your audience engaged with your email campaign.

3- Drive traffic to your online business or affiliate link with a single push-button.

4- A 14-day trial at just $9.95 to test drive this system to check, is this system really works for you to get your online business more profitable one.

5- A 60-day guaranteed refund policy. You can demand a full amount refund within 60-days if you're not satisfied with your results. No question asked they will pay your money back within 4 working days.

6- Customer support 24*7

1. Buy the product - obviously 😉  2. Sign in to your free account. 3. Set the system up, only takes a few minutes – which will involve the following:

  • Creating your affiliate account with ClickBank

  • Setting up your autoresponder

  • Driving traffic to your landing pages

4. Earn affiliate commissions (the part you're waiting for).

Here're some methods that can be enabled by the 12-minute affiliate system for you to create;

( you can make changes wherever you want )

A bunch of beautiful landing pages are created for you to promote your own online business's products or other people's products as an affiliate. You can make the necessary changes according to the product you're offering to the worldwide web. It's quite easy to make the changes, because everything can changeable through a drag-and-drop landing page editing tool, that will provide you by 12-minute affiliate system.

The autoresponder will help you to grow your online business through automated, pre-created email campaigns. Which will help to grow your online business instantly. Get more opt-in via landing pages, and that landing pages should be connected with the autoresponder. Autoresponder will be provided by this system to run your email campaigns automatically in a sequence to your subscribers. Once they (subscribers) get engaged with your automation, there is a high chance to convert that subscriber into a happy customer.

It can help you to save lots of time. Because once you get professionally written emails, all you need to just put your affiliate link at the right place with a referencing like ( click here to get the offer ). Once a subscriber gets your this email through automation, they may won't click at the first time. But, later, they may click and buy the product through your affiliate link and you will be compensated with a commission.

Similarly, when you're running an online business you can also create your own email swipes. Creating an email swipes according to your creativity and ideas can initiate a healthy feeling about your online business. People can trust you and they ready to invest the right amount of money to get the value that you're offering through the email swipes that you wrote by yourself. It's highly recommended to create your own email swipes when you're promoting your own online business instead of relying pre-written email swipes and promoting other people's product for a commission. So, try to write your own email swipes in this case.

through a single push-button. The traffic provided by the 12-minute affiliate system is a paid traffic source. You need to put your web address or affiliate link and need to target your audience. After that, you can choose the account of clicks that you're trying to purchase, which will cost a particular amount of dollars. There is no guarantee to get sales, you can expect the maximum amount of opt-ins through this traffic source. You can also expect sales...

Each and every leads that you achieved through this traffic source should undergo through email automation. You can expect more sales by doing this step.

You will make commission or sales or you can get your first sale through this system. Note that, nothing is guaranteed (sales), it completely depend upon the value and the quality of the product you're promoting as an affiliate or your own digital/physical product.

There are 5 main areas inside 12 Minute Affiliate.

In here you will find out how to:

  • Choose your niche (options are home business, weight loss & personal development)

  • Create a free Clickbank account

  • Purchase Aweber Autoresponder (collects email addresses and sends out emails from you)

  • Integrate your autoresponder to Clickbank and your landing pages.

This is where you can buy traffic.

There is no real training on how to start getting your own traffic through free methods (SEO, social media) or paid ads (Facebook ads, Google ads).

You can manage your autoresponder & the whole funnel that is provided for you.

There are some additional bonuses in here such as:

  • Live training replays

  • Done for you swipe emails

  • eBooks

  • Lists of affiliate products to promote

You can call the support team or “open up a support ticket”. You also get access to the “inner circle Facebook group”.

Now all of this may be starting to sound pretty good. 12 minutes work and $460 a day right!!

I can almost hear your mind thinking…

Yes, absolutely you have covered with a 60-Day money-back guarantee if you feel that 12 Minute Affiliate System does not meet your expectations. All you need to just contact their support team to refund your money back. No question asked they will pay your money back within 4 working days.

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