How to Check and Improve Your Website Domain Authority

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

How to check and improve the domain authority score of a website

Most probably, you may heard the term “Domain Authority” many times since you started to lead a website or blog. There are plenty of ways you have to check the domain authority and important measures to boost the score.

Here we learn how you can check a website’s domain authority score and what are the ultimate measures that you need to take in order to skyrocket low domain authority score to higher positions.

What is Domain Authority?

The term Domain Authority (DA) firstly introduced by MOZ. MOZ is an online community and founded by some SEO experts who offer SEO tools and guides for beginners.

Definition: Domain authority or “DA” is a score provided by search engines to predict how likely a website rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A domain score starts from 0-100. The more score resembles higher ranking possibilities.

Of course, a new website has a very low domain authority and the contents inside the website are really hard to rank on search results. Let’s analyze what we can do to overcome this issue.

Don’t worry if your website has a low domain score. We can take it to higher scores by taking some dedicated measures.

How You can Check Website Domain Authority?

As I mentioned earlier, MOZ is initiated the Metrix called Domain authority. So, they have a powerful tool to check the score.

To do checking your domain authority score, simply head over to MOZ and type your domain name, click on the “Analyze Domain” button.

You can see the domain score, and many other ranking factors such as backlinks, Keywords, etc. MOZ is free to monitor any website’s domain score and related data until you meet the daily search limit as a free tool explorer. As a paid member, you can utilize all tools of MOZ as much as you need.

Tools to Check the Domain Authority Other Than MOZ

Here are some tools that you can use to check the domain authority score of a specific domain for free.

Please note that these tools only allow you to search for free until a stipulated limit.

1. is actually an ad agency. Created by one of the famous SEO experts who known as Neil Patel. Neil has been working in this specific niche for the past 20 years. So, I bet you that, Neil can deliver you better SEO-related help through his stunning tool called Ubersuggest, an all-in-one SEO tool that can help you to skyrocket your SEO traffic in simple 3-steps.

To check your website’s Domain Authority score with, just head over to and enter your domain name, click on the “Analyze Website” button. Within a few seconds, your website began to crawl, and you will get a d