10 Innovative Digital Solutions for Your Business

top 10 innovative digital solutions

If you’re running a small or midsize business, you might be struggling to grow your company. In order to achieve the growth you want, you may need to look beyond typical expansion strategies and start implementing innovative digital solutions.

Today, even companies with brick-and-mortar locations need to build a strong virtual presence, and looking to cutting-edge forms of business technology could be the key to moving your company forward.

Let's dive into those strategic approaches without any further due. Here are a few innovative digital solutions that could benefit your business.

1. Develop Internal Process Guides

Do you spend a lot of time catching employees up to speed on internal company processes?

Maybe this aspect of your onboarding process is inefficient, or you regularly end up reminding long-term employees about certain process steps that they overlook. To remedy this issue, you can create visual process guides for your staff. With an at-a-glance guide to different processes that clearly illustrate each task they need to complete, your employees will be able to stay on track.

Don’t worry - you don’t need any graphic design skills to create visual process guides! You can use a free infographic template to tackle this project.

After picking out a template, you’ll be able to customize it with the text you need, as well as your preferred colors, background images, and any other design elements.

2. Allow Remote Work

You don’t need to mandate that all of your employees come to the office every weekday in order to succeed as a company. Instead, you could allow your employees to work remotely at least a few days per week to test out how well this arrangement goes.

allow remote work to employees

In the future, you could consider enabling your team to go fully remote and hire fully remote employees or contractors from anywhere around the world. This will make it possible to hire top talent living far away - and expanding the size of your potential talent pool can only help your company in the long run!

3. Support Internal Communications

Do your employees communicate entirely by email?

You may want to streamline communications by introducing an internal communications platform. With an internal communications platform, you’ll be able to centralize conversations on one platform.

supporting internal communication

Your employees will spend less time tracking down conversations with each other, and they can easily get in touch in real-time. This makes operations more efficient and helps move projects along quickly.

Choose a communications platform with a user-friendly interface so that it will be easier to onboard your employees!

4. Cloud Computing

Is your company taking advantage of cloud computing technology? If not, now is the time to introduce it.

By making cloud technology available to your team, you can easily manage information that everyone can access from anywhere - and as long as you install the right cybersecurity protections, there are practically no downsides to storing company documents and data “in the cloud” rather than on hardware.

cloud computing

Cloud computing is key for today’s companies because chances are, your competitors are already utilizing it - in fact, Tech Injury states that 81% of all enterprises either use a multi-cloud strategy or are planning to implement one, and in the future, researchers predict that about 82% of workload will reside on the cloud.

5. Leverage Machine Learning

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the concept of machine learning. Basically, machine learning is one form of artificial intelligence technology.

You can use machine learning to gather customer data, analyze this data, and improve your processes. Machine learning applications can help you collect business insights that can completely transform your business.

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs have already adopted this technology - Oberlo states that approximately 37% of businesses, or just over one in three, are already using artificial intelligence in their strategies.

This form of business technology is only going to become more commonplace.

6. Utilize Data Analysis

In today’s corporate landscape, utilizing data to craft your business strategy is practically essential.

When you launched your small business, you might have spent a lot of time guessing what your customers would want, simply because you didn’t have the tools to measure their behavior.

But now, you can afford to invest in software that will allow you to collect useful data - and you can transform that data into effective strategies.

To begin leveraging your business data into new initiatives, you can start by looking at traffic reports for your company website.

data analysis for business ideas

This includes Google Analytical reports and your website’s administrative panel. You can also look into free or low-cost options for customer relationship management software, which will help you track all of your leads in one place.

With data analytics, you won’t be building your business strategy on guesswork anymore - instead, you’ll be able to make moves based on evidence.

7. Conduct Market Research