10 Simple Hacks to Get Tons of Followers on Instagram

Of course, it is a challenging fact that getting a decent amount of right followers on Instagram, because there are plenty of similar pages that are on a booming trend. The more competitors on the marketplace the growth pattern might affect this. However, the right application of strategic hacks can help you to resolve this issue. Let's analyze them one by one.

Here are a few Instagram followers hacks, that can help you to grow your account quickly without spending a single penny on advertisements.

1. Make Your Instagram Account Real

It doesn't mean that you should optimize your page as a professional brand page. But everything is in the right clarity with the right info. To be totally upfront, your Instagram page never seems spammy like unfamiliar claims and unwanted offers, etc.

Overall, when an Instagram user flicks through your page, he/she should be convinced and never feel any fishiness. Your page's bio and profile picture carry a key role here.

2. Bio and Profile Picture

As mentioned earlier, you should need to optimize your page to make it a genuine one. The bio and profile picture tells everything. So, it's your responsibility to keep both these fundamentals optimized and catchy.

Firstly, your bio should be concise and filled with legit data. Moreover, never try to add too many emojis and symbols (it is often noticed that most pages are following this trend) because it often stigmatizes your page as a spammy one. If you do so, you might break the first hack that mentioned above.

Secondly, your profile picture. Never leave your profile picture empty, no matter whether you're using your own photo or your brand logo or image. All you need is should have a catchy picture on your profile. People can easily recognize you by just referring to these basics. So, be stick with the first hack to hold the second hack itself.

3. Give an Overview of Your Page

It means you can explain everything about you and your business through the bio such as what's your niche, products, location, and most importantly, the web address to access to the portal.

In short, your Instagram page visitor should get a detailed picture of yours or your brand even at the first sight.

4. Engage Your Followers with Creative Posts

When creativity and awesome content combine together, the outcome will be tremendous. An eye-catching post often grabs a wide range of people's attention. The more you insist on creative posts, the more you can expect quick growth on your Instagram page.

It is best to learn from the awesome templates that are pre-created by the professional designer of Canva (a free tool to design anything you want according to your creativity). Then you can try your best to mold up yours.

As a beginner, I strongly recommend you to leverage the power of Canva templates and keep posting awesome posts consistently to get maximum engagement and thereby tons of followers.

5. Try Instagram Reels

I think you might familiar with Instagram reels in your daily lives. Lots of suggestions are pop up based on your interest and search history. In the light of my own experience, reels can do a sumptuous job in the growth of your fan base.

The most fascinating thing about Instagram reel is, you can reach a wide range of audiences even they are not following you. The secret behind this is, Instagram's algorithm works for you to auto boost your awesome content among the right audience. What's better than this to get unlimited reach and online presence?

6. Collaboration with Other Pages

There are many pages like yours that also provide the same offers or products through Instagram. Here you can seek collaboration with them for the exchange of money or what they demand. Often you will get a free favour. Strongly recommend sticking with the free stuff.

Through collaborations, you can get wide exposure and more engagement that will later bring you more and more quality followers. So, don't hesitate to try this hack.

7. Search for Uniqueness

People have been searching for a new experience and are ready to be passionate the fresh trends. This not only relies on Instagram but also every social media network. The trend will be encouraged and followed tremendously.

So, always try to come with unique content that would reach a wide range of audiences, and they accept it with an open mind.

8. Keep Consistency

It is mandatory to stay on track and updated with the latest tech amenities to grow your Instagram followers account. There is no compromise in the case of consistency because nothing can achieve with overnight magic. Ultimately, it requires patience and consistency.

To stay on the line, keep posting at least 3-5 posts per week to maintain a decent engagement value.

Thankfully, you can also assign social media managing tools to assign everything automatically. This kind of tool can help you to publish content regularly, schedule posts, improve account reach, and many more. Need help? Learn more about this tool.

So, it proves that consistency is one of the ultimate things to grow your Instagram followers range significantly. Let's loudly say that "I'm invested myself".

9. Optimized Caption and Hashtags

Of course, each of your posts contains a considerable amount of wording that you're explaining more about the post to your audience, this is called-Caption. A caption should be error-free and fully optimized with the right spelling and correct placement of keywords, which helps you to display the post to the right audience.

Similarly, hashtags also help you to get a broad reach. While using hashtags on your post, make sure that you are adding the right tags at the right amount. It is a common fact that content creators have been using unnecessary or non-related hashtags in their every post. This is a myth that using lots of hashtags can bring you a wider reach.

Based on my experience, it is best to use 3-5 hashtags only for each post. Otherwise, your post looks spammy and does not comply with our first hack (make your Instagram account real).

10. Announce Giveaways

To skyrocket your Instagram followers numbers, it is the best strategic approach to encourage people to follow your account. To make it more clear, announce giveaways with certain conditions such as liking the post, mentioning friends in the comment box, and following the page to get notified who is the winner.

From many influencers, this hack has been shown that a surge in their followers counts. Though giveaways are a little risky, it makes the deepest sense in the Instagram followers hack.


All Instagram followers hacks are listed above, easy to learn, easier to follow, and easiest to implement. All you need is, you should learn how to invest yourself for the best outcome in the long run. Nothing is in giving up, but everything in accepting the challenge and moving forward with more optimism and enthusiasm.