Review of Bluehost: Better Web Host for Better Performance

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Welcome to the full review of Bluehost, we are going to check that why Bluehost is so much popular and its importance among various hosting services.

Undoubtedly, a product becomes popular or goes viral its usage when users get some extra features. Yes, extra means something unique. Similarly, here Bluehost has some highlighting features that make it stand out.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is an American-based web hosting company founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in 2003, Orem, Utah. Today, more than 2+ Million websites have been hosting under Bluehost.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an internet service that allows people and enterprises to make visible their website contents on search results. Good web hosting has a major role in search engine optimization.

Web hosting is an enormous industry. There are hundreds of thousands of hosting services available online, including free hosting and paid services as well. Here we guide you to the perfect web hosting solution that really helps your website to visible on the world wide web.

Benefits of Using Bluehost (Pros)

Here are some of the ultimate benefits that you can enjoy by choosing Bluehost as your web hosting partner.

1. Server Speed

The server speed of Bluehost is impressive. It’s loads faster than ever. Yes, Of course, you need to be focused on server loading speed as the foremost thing. Because the bounce rate of your website depends upon the server’s response. The faster your server loads, the more you can decrease the bounce rate.

Besides, according to Google’s latest algorithm changes in June 2021, they state that, webpage loading time to be considered as the primary thing to rank a page at the top of the search result.

Normally, the average Bluehost hosting site's loading time is 688 ms. Isn’t impressive? Yes, Bluehost does the smart job for fast loading of your web pages.

2. Uptime

It’s terrible when your server has bad uptime. Often, your visitors can’t get access to your website with a bad uptime. I know you always need to be a better one. That’s why you here.

Anyhow, your hope no longer be wrong with Bluehost. Because according to the matrix, Bluehost has the best uptime which can deliver the best user experience for your page visitors as well as fast rank indexing on search engines.

It’s true that no hosting provider can give you 100% uptime. However, Bluehost can deliver you the most possible uptime frame.

According to 2019 and 2020’s percentages, Bluehost has maintained 99.98% and 99.96% respectively.

Most recently, from May 2020 to June 2021 the 12 months uptime also 99.96%.

If you’re focusing on uptime greater than 99.95%, then you should go with Bluehost.

3. Website Security

Bluehost has immense care for your site’s security even in their cheap plan. They provide you free SSL Certificate, free CDN (Cloudflare), single-click WordPress install, CMS integration, and many more from their basic plan.

These come under the basic plan. You can expect much higher security measurements such as Domain Privacy Protection, Server Backup, and SiteLock security features in their Plus and Choice Plus plans.

Totally, you can expect much better security features even from the basic plan of Bluehost.

4. Level of Usage

Bluehost can be adaptable for anyone. There is no level barrier for users. For instance, a newbie or a starter can get basic ideas about how can operate the entire platform without having any glitches. Some of the hosting services are more sophisticated and need an advanced level of skills in order to handle it properly. But Bluehost does not come under that specific category. You can use Bluehost without having much technical skills.

5. Hosting Plans

The hosting plans inside Bluehost are actually pretty cheaper. This will be one of the main attractiveness of why Bluehost is more and more popular among hosting providers.

The actual pricing starts from $2.75/month. Know more plans

It’s a little bit skeptical that there is no other platform exists other than Bluehost with this kind of pricing structure, with the advanced features.

6. Support

For any of your queries or concerns, Bluehost’s dedicated support team is there to resolve all your major or minor issues with your purchase. The entire support crew will available 24/7.

Bluehost ultimately taking immense care in their support session. Of course, a support team is the main strength of an organization. Here, Bluehost is the best example of that.

You have a wide range of support methods available inside Bluehost such as phone, live chat, articles, and an intensive knowledge base which more helpful for beginners.

Bluehost support team contact page - buildflyer review of bluehost

For any queries, you need to just use the search bar with the relevant keyword. Within few seconds, your concern will be solved. Otherwise, you can seek alternative support methods.

No matter where you’re from or your language. Because the support team available in many counties in many languages.

7. Money-Back Guarantee

Even at this price structure, Bluehost still provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee for their new users. You can also try this without taking any risks.