How to Set an Automated Email in Outlook Easily

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

how to send an automated email in outlook - buildflyer
Automate Emails in Outlook

Nowadays, we have plenty of free and paid platforms to automate our email campaigns according to our schedule. Some of them are fully automated whereas some of them are partial.

For a better user experience, automated email campaigns are inevitable. You might need to set up one right today if you really want to. I know, you need to know how to create and send an automated email in Outlook. That’s the reason why you are here.

It’s easier when comes to Outlook. We can automate an email with Outlook in two ways. One is using the in-build Outlook app on Desktop and the other one is using a browser.

Table of Contents

Method 1 (Send an Automated Email by Using Outlook App)

Method – 2 (Send an Automated Email by Using Outlook on a Bowser)

Wrapping up

Method 1 (Send an Automated Email by Using Outlook App)

The reason why I explaining both ways is, some of you may using iOS. In-built app does not available on iOS version. Even though, you can download it from App store. In this method, learn how to send an automated email by using Outlook App.

log in or sign up to outlook - first step to send an automated email in outlook
Outlook App

This is the first step. Just open your outlook app on your Windows by simply using the search bar for easy access.

The process is easier if you already have an account on Outlook. Otherwise, create a new one.

dashboard of outlook account
Outlook Dashboard

After you created an account with Outlook or log in to your existing account, it may take a few seconds to dig into the dashboard of your account, and a few more seconds to sync the data.

Step – 1 (Create an Email)

Once everything done, create the message that you intended to automate.

To do that, go to the “New Email” tab or simply press Ctrl+N buttons together on your keyboard.