3-Main Factors of SEO to Get Traffic from Google

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

SEO or search engine optimization for Google consists of many factors. However, you can cover those “many” by focusing on major focal points.

In this article, we are going to discuss what are the 3 main factors of SEO that really need to be focused on in order to get maximum traffic from search engines like Google.

Table of Contents

What is SEO?

How Does Google SEO Work? (Grow with Google)

The Main Factors of Google SEO (Familiar with the Key Factors)

  1. Keyword Research for Google SEO

  2. On-Page SEO

  3. Off-Page SEO

The Best SEO Tools to Boost Ranking on Google

  1. Ubersuggest

  2. Semrush

Get Traffic with Google SEO: Conclusion

What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of arranging website content appropriately for search engines to show at the top of someone’s search results.

Of course, SEO is one of the main marketing methods, which is completely free of cost. But need to be focused more on each component of SEO in order to get consistent traffic from Google.

Just imagine like, when someone types “Affiliate Marketing” on Google, they likely looking for the ultimate guide to Affiliate Marketing Business with some solid grounds. If your content has covered all the intentions of a searcher, you could possibly rank higher and bring more organic traffic from Google.

So, while you write content, always ensure that you can satisfy each of your viewer's intentions with your content.

Let’s see how does SEO works in the case of Google.

How Does Google SEO Work? (Grow with Google)

Every aspect works under a specific track. Similarly, Google has three different processes, which are crawling, indexing, and ranking.

When you publish new content or update the existing content, Google bots automatically crawl each page and index it on search engine result pages (SERPs) with considering many factors.

Google starts crawling a web page when they see a new URL or you can tell Google that you have just published a new piece of information, and need to be crawled as soon as possible with the help of Google Search Console.

When the crawling process is completed successfully. The content will be indexed on Google and available for everyone. While someone searches on Google with the relevant keyword, they can easily find that content and get access to explore it.

Google has nearly 200 factors to be considered before ranking a content on search results. Of course, we can’t focus on each factor and manage everything. Then what to do? Nothing complicated, simply focusing on the most ultimate optimization steps that really help us to rank higher on Google.

Let’s dig into the main 3 factors of search engine optimization.

The Main Factors of Google SEO (Familiar with the Key Factors)

Let’s analyze what are the key factors of SEO with Google. These are simple things to manage. But need to be focused well on each.

1- Keyword Research for Google SEO

Finding the right keyword is everything. Because people land on Google with a specific keyword, the duty of Google is to deliver the best possible answer to their user’s query.

Here you need to put more effort into your content. If you can bring the best possible answer for a relevant keyword, Google will show your content at the top of search engine result pages. More likely your content gets tons of traffic.

Finding a proper keyword is not a risky business. A lot of tools and ideas are there to filter out the right keyword by doing keyword research.

Some of the easy measures are here:

1. Low-competition keyword

When the competition is flooded, the chances of getting a good ranking position on Google is pretty much harder. To make it more clear, if you type the keyword “Email Marketing” on Google, you can see many related search results. Because this keyword is saturated and highly competitive. Then you should need to find a low competitive keyword by doing some keyword researches.

Understand the keyword difficulty by depending on any one of the keyword planners mentioned below.

Once you found a low competitive keyword, start writing the best quality content in an optimized manner. Highly recommended for beginners to stick with writing low competition keyword-optimized content, because ranking a low competition keyword is pretty easier and effective to get more and more quality traffic from Google organically.

2. Long-tail keyword

This is another method to find out keywords for SEO, which is easy to rank on Google. The long-tail keywords are containing many words and are likely in the form of questions.

Contents based on this type of keywords are very few. Comparatively, the chances of getting a higher ranking position on Google is predictable.

To find a long-tail keyword, it’s always better to seek Google’s search bar suggestions and analyze the search volume with Google Keyword planner. If you can find a long-tail keyword, write an optimized, quality content based on that specific keyword to get organic traffic from Google.

3. Related Search Result

Looking for the best suggestion from Google’s related search results is also a good strategy for keyword research. You can simply find the related search results at the bottom of the page.

Often, the related search results are a combination of both low competitive and question-based keywords.