Learn How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Online Business

Updated: Jan 29

Go Through the Following Steps to Start Your YouTube Channel

Are you going to start your own Youtube channel for your business? Well, it is a perfect decision you have ever taken to scale your business instantly with the contemporary tools.

Do you know the fact that on the Youtube platform, there are 300 hours of videos are uploading every single minute? Sounds I'm bragging? wooh, I'm not. This marketing platform is that much engaged in this modern era. People are vividly using this insane YouTube platform for the marketing purpose of their business. Don't get messed up, we are going to split down the entire process into simple fractions to get started your own YouTube channel for your business without any confusion.

It is the right time to think outside the box and start a Youtube channel for yourself. Let's take a look at the overview:

1. Get started with the basic things

2. Fill out the about section

3. Add a banner to your Youtube Channel

4. Idea about your content

5. The equipment (your tools)

6. Upload your first video

7. Optimize your content for search results

8. Keep calm and wait for your result

9. Integrate your channel on your website and social media networks

10. YouTube Ads (An investment)

0.1 Get Started with the basic things

This is the first and easiest step in your YouTube channel creation. It only takes a couple of minutes to finish your first step. it includes the following steps.

  • Sign-in to YouTube with your email address and password then simply click the user icon which situated at the top right corner.

  • Tap on the Settings icon to go to the settings of your YouTube Channel that you're going to set up.

  • Click on Create a new channel.

  • After you click Create a new channel you can give either your business name or a casual name for your Youtube Channel. Then you can simply click on the Create button.

Once you have finished these steps, you completed the first step successfully. Let's get into the second step.

0.2 Fill out the About Section

The second stage includes collecting the data of your business by Youtube database for your Youtube Channel. This is the first interface that people see when they visit on your Youtube Channel. Here you can well explain your business and what people can expect from this channel. Add here your business website address. Moreover, your about section is the best area to paste the links of your social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Make your about section as much as catchy to grab the attention of YouTube viewers.

0.3 Add a Banner to Your YouTube Channel

You may be noticed many times that when you visit a Youtube Channel, you get warm welcomes right away through the stunning banners.

As the third step, you need to have designed a stunning banner that will display at the top of a YouTube Channel. Put maximum effort to create your Youtube banner. Because this place is where people get the first impression of your Channel. So, never let anyone of your visitor get a bad impression. Choose the best design and add your Channel's name as well as introduce your awesome brand.

Note: YouTube recommends a particular pixel range for uploading banners. Which is at least 2048 x 1152 pixels and 6MB or less. Make sure that your banner's pixel range complies with this ratio before you're going to upload.

0.4 Idea About Your Content

Great so far. You have done with primary steps. All set and good to go with your Youtube marketing. Before you post your first ever video on YouTube, make sure that you have enough materials to work with and you can approach in plenty of ways.

Make sure that your channel has a video varieties contents that will make your audience get stick with you. Otherwise, your subscribers get bored with your content and they might don't have enough interest to follow your Channel. It's all about the way you present a particular content through your videos. If you have enough skills you can scale your YouTube Channel instantly or you need to improve the skills which you don't have while you handle a YouTube Channel.

The more you work harder the more you can expect growth of your establishment.

0.5 The Equipments (Your Tools)

As a YouTuber, you need to have the essential tools to run your channel smoothly. Equipment such as a camera, lights, and mic are inevitable things. Please ensure that all your equipments have enough basic quality. For instance, if your microphone doesn't have the noise cancellation feature, your audience can't experience the best audio from your YouTube videos.

Similarly, while you going to choose light for better light effects, keep in mind that to choose ring lights instead of other types of light gadgets. Because most of the YouTubers prefer ring lights for a better ambiance. While taking account of shooting elements, try to choose 4K cameras to shoot your YouTube videos. Which can give the best video quality for all kinds of audiences. It's okay to prefer an HD camera as well.

0.6 Upload Your First Video

Now it's time to take "action". At this point, you're all set. You have done with the creation of your Youtube Channel, chose your content, and studied the essential equipment which enhances your video quality.

Once you have finished all the final touch-up works such as editing, filming, and captioning your first ever YouTube video, it's time to upload it into all around the world. To start your uploading process, please find the camera icon at the top right corner, just beside the bell icon.

You may find two options at the time you click on the camera icon; Upload videos and Go live. Go with the first option and you may see an interface like this.

Choose your video from your computer by clicking on the select files button. Simply open and publish it on YouTube.

0.7 Optimize Your Content for Search Results

At the same moment, you upload your YouTube video you have to fill the title field, descriptions, and tags. These are the most important parts to get your video listed on YouTube search results. So, it's important to optimize your title and description field carefully. Use some keyword research while you filling to get more click and views on both your video and business website.

Try to well-optimized on YouTube, because, if you have done neatly, your video also going to optimized on Google too. The main reason behind this, YouTube is a product of Google. So, follow this step to list your video not only on YouTube but also on Google's search results.

0.8 Keep Calm and Wait for Your Result

Never get frustrated and give up on your YouTube life if you won't get the expected results at the beginning stage. It takes time to reflect your result. Because there are a bunch of contents and YouTubers are there keep trying to rank their content first one YouTube search.

Keep consistent with your content, one day you will realize the value of your patients and hard work. Never lose your hope and keep releasing a new variety of videos each week according to your schedule to get more and more new subscribers to your YouTube family.

Take into account that nothing can achieve in an overnight. No PAIN No GAIN.

0.9 Integrate Your Channel on Your Website and Social Media Networks

You all set now. Now you need more viewers and subscribers to your YouTube Channel. By integrating your channel on your website can help you vividly to get more value viewers and then subscribers. When people reach at your website through Google search results, integration is the best way to catch them into your YouTube Channel. You can add this to the footer of your website.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are also the best platforms to integrate your YouTube channel easily. Literally, you're getting viewers from various sources through the integration method. Sounds quite easy? Do this and perceive the result yourself.

Disseminate your YouTube video as much as possible to get more exposure.

10. YouTube Ads (An Investment)

As a business owner, you need to invest a little bit of money in your advertisement to scale your business at the beginning stage. It doesn't cost much on YouTube advertisements. You can optimize it according to your budget. Your business may target a specific age group, gender, geography, or business background. Hence, YouTube will help you to filter the audience that you're aiming through your campaign. It really takes your business to the next level.

In the case of beginners, we always recommend organic traffic to your business and YouTube Channel. Because most of them don't have enough capital to run an advertisement.

So, do your best and rest will chase you.

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