Blog with Wix Made More Easier for Beginners

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Blog with Wix Made More Easier for Beginners
Blog With Wix

Do you have a blog? Or thinking to start a new one? Or confused about where to get started? Then, Wix is here for the blogging purposes that can help you to grow instantly.

This is my complete Wix blogging experience that I started one year before. Here you can learn how Wix can help a beginner to get started their blogging career, SEO optimization, get founded on top results of search engines, and many more. So, stay tuned until we reveal everything for you about Wix and Wix blog.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based web developing company. It allows users to build HTML 5 websites and mobile-optimized sites using drag and drop tools. This is what Wix ultimately focuses on. Today, Wix has to host more than 170 Million websites worldwide. However, they also provide the best service for Wix blogs too. We can analyze that through the upcoming paragraphs.

What is Wix Blog?

Wix blog is another service from Here Wix proves that they not only delivering drag and drop website development but also the best blogging service for their users to perpetuate both of them through the same platform with stunning features.

dashboard of wix blog
Wix Blog Dashboard

Anybody can deploy the Wix blog impeccably even for a beginner. Because everything starts from the basics. Once you read this complete post, you can get an idea of how to get started.

Do I need Separate Hosting for Wix Blog?

No, you don’t need to depend on an external platform such as Bluehost, Hostinger to host your Wix blog pages or Wix websites. Because Wix has powerful cloud hosting themselves and that can empower you much better performance for your website such as SEO optimization, fast loading, high rankings, etc.

In short, Wix is the ultimate all-in-one solution for your online journey. Everything you can expect under a single roof by choosing Wix.

However, you can seek the help of an external hosting partner, if you can’t satisfied with Wix hosting.

I swear that you don’t even think about an external hosting solution as long as Wix’s host exists.

You may need to depend on an external hosting partner when you choose WordPress or other blogging sites to start your blogging journey. But here, Wix does the smart work.

How can I Get Started with Wix Blog?

It’s easy to get started with Wix. Nothing complicated like WordPress. Remember that you and your blogging career are just a matter of few clicks.

You should have had basic knowledge such as typing skills, imaginary things, optimization skills in order to start your blogging life. But don’t worry, you can nourish everything if you wish. Because there are plenty of tools available online to deploy for free.

Moreover, you can watch some helpful YouTube tutorials to learn how to start writing a blog post.

Follow the exact steps enlisted below to start blogging with right today.

1. Open an Account on Wix

As you know, you need to have an account to get started on your blog with Wix. Head over to and simply sign up with your best email address and password.

Once you have done that, Wix will ask you what kind of websites you have been looking to build.

how to build a blog website with wix
Build a Blog Website with Wix

You can type with the keyword that you want such as Entertainment Blog, Technology Blog, Poetry Blog, etc. And choose the right fit for your blog.

some free Add-ons to wix blog page
Add-ons to Wix Blog Page

Don’t forget to tick the add-ons shown above. Because you need forms that pop up on your blog pages when someone visits your blog posts. It’s easy to capture the lead by doing so. This can help you to grow your subscriber's list or email list.

In addition to this, the chatbox will help you to get in touch with your blog page visitors in real-time. And they can also keep in touch with you if they have any queries regarding your products or services.

Remember that, these are free to use. No additional charges until you upgrade to more features. So, deploy it wisely for better interaction with your blog page visitors.

After that, simply click the “Next” button and move further.

how to build a website with wix by using artificial intelligence
Build a Blog Website with a Few Clicks

Here you have two choices to create your blog. You can either create manually from scratch or use Wix’s AI algorithm to create your website from previously created stunning designs within a few minutes. Everything is customizable.

Here we go with AI to create our Wix blog.

In this phase, you need to assign a name for your blog. Remember that, this name should be your domain name too. For instance, if your blog name is ABCD, and your domain name should

put a name for blog website
Name Your Blog

From the very next page, after you click the “Next” button, you can add the data of your existing store. Or if you don’t have anything, simply skip this page.

additional information for creating a blog with wix