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Get as much as possible traffic to your website or online store through various traffic resources. Buildflyer introduces you plenty of traffic sources to run enough traffic to your online business.

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Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

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Types of Traffic

Generally, traffic is two types. One is free traffic or organic traffic and the other one is paid traffic. We recommend free traffic resources for our followers. Because most of them are starting their business from scratch. Hence, we always talk about less expenditure.

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Experience the Power of Free Traffic

Free traffic has extreme power to bring you enough conversions and sales for your online business. Let's experience it.


SEO or search engine optimization brings you free quality traffic to your online business. You need to do specific keyword research to get search engine optimized traffic.

Blog Writing

Flood your website by writing an informative blog or article about your offers or services. Once your content is optimized in search engines, you can expect more traffic.


Start a YouTube channel with informative content regarding your online business. Give as much as possible information through your channel to get more organic traffic.

Social Media

Marketing your online business through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can bring plethora of free traffic.

Paid Traffic for Fast Results

Free traffic is powerful but it takes time to reflect your result. Hence, you can also try some paid traffic resources if you need to scale your online business at minimal time. Paid traffic mainly subjected to advertising your product or service on various social platforms. 

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Let's familiar with some paid traffic platforms.


Google Ads

Google Ad is one of the most popular paid traffic sources. Nowadays, most of the online businesses are running Google Ads to scale their online business. Google Ad offers you an Ad credit of $100 if you are using Google Ad service for the first time. It's affordable when you set a daily spend limit for your Ad account


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the second-largest paid traffic resource. It's almost familiar with the format of Google Ads. If you have previous experience of using Google Ads, the usage of Facebook Ads will be easier. It's a better choice to take training about how you can create your first Facebook Ads successfully from Youtube Videos or you can take our free training. Otherways your Ad account may get terminated due to Ad policy violation.



Udimi is the best Solo Ad providing company, through email marketing. You can buy high-quality traffic from Udimi. It's also a fast-growing traffic source. Udimi charges you a particular sents per clicks. Even though, it's result driven, to maximize your ROI. Best paid traffic way to scale your online business at an affordable rate.



Fiverr is a freelance service providing platform. It also provides paid website traffic to your online business or E-commerce store. Usually, Fiverr gigs are starts from just $5. Hence, running a paid traffic for your website is not a risky business. It's affordable for beginners when you choose Fiverr.

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